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ritakomi's Profile Picture
Rita Komi
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I began from a very young age to draw and I soon discovered how wide my horizon grew after each drawing I finished. From simple sketches to school projects, I slowly yet steadily self-taught myself how to draw. I read some art books and viewed many tutorials online wishing to learn even more. I began drawing paintings from well known painters such as Salvador Dali, Picasso and Vincent van Gogh.

Although, due to a heavy work schedule and family obligations I had to take a long break from what I loved. Now, I am back into drawing! =)



I'd like to thank each one of you for the warm "welcome back"  after a period where different and multiple obligations took the best part of me and threw it far away from DA.
It was rather unpleasant not to be able to keep in a touch with you my friends for quite a while, but nowadays I am optimistic that I ll be getting more and more chances to respond in reasonable time to each communication and comment.
For anyone also interested I keep track of things also via my fb page, where you can also join in and share your thoughts and feelings.

Visit my fb page
The Puzzled Woman
The puzzled woman…

Who is the woman behind the puzzle?

By habit, people tend to acknowledge women from non-urban Africa as for being underrated habitants of virgin landscapes, subjected to a constant struggle for survival and to a usually harsh fate. Examining their culture in comparison with our big cities’ great “accomplishments”, we usually downgrade their forms to broadcasted figures of the third world societies. Adversity is their common characteristic thus we also address her as a sensitive human being deprived of basic goods, civil rights and western civilization’s amenities.

We even sometimes feel sorry when imagining how puzzled she must be feeling entering each day under the pressure of possible exploitations, ethnic cleansings, civil wars and political crisis, hunger, thirst and poverty.
You name it, she may face it.

Nonetheless, if you take a better look you cannot but admire the purity of the African woman’s skin, her inner strength, her trustworthy collaboration with men, the beauty of her exquisite jewelry, her sophisticated outfits used on celestial occasions and the colors representing untold stories of boldness and awe.

But not only from the outside is where you ‘ll find yourself deceived by the way you analyze the given circumstances. These women are actually not as puzzled as one might think. They are focused and free of unnecessary distractions.

You may take another glance and realize they mostly live in a real world, like the one we inherited from nature itself back in 20th century, with all the fatal dangers, expected losses and hardship that people are meant to come up against throughout their lives.

And even though they can realize their destiny could easily be modified by a forged alliance between the rest of us, they ‘ll never give up the fight for just another day on this earth, while we seek to colonize the other ones clinging some thousand light years away.  

They are surely eager for medical care but they ‘ll probably get lucky not to infuse themselves with extended amounts of zinc vaccines, in order to avoid the one in a million chance of dying from a laboratory disease.

They fear warlords, but they don’t die in hundreds of thousands within the range of a single button’s push.

They don’t get fat by eating in a state of abundancy by they don’t get skinny by depression, either.

They only consume what they need so they don’t really feel like recycling.

They stick together in order to survive from their common enemies while we choose to divide people in order to prevail against fictitious terrorists.

They follow the spirit of each season while they are clearly considered never in fashion.

As I take a deep breath and dive into the depths of reason, I am still puzzled by the profound irony. Guess who is the puzzled one now.

Graphite pencils and colored pencils
Day Zero
Day zero, meaning the beginning of it all. Well actually, there might not be any such thing out there.

Since the Big Bang Theory is gradually becoming obsolete, succumbing to some fascinatingly spreading M theories, we now being taught how to obtain another perspective towards the so-called meaning of “the perception of our universe”

Scientists now claim parallel branes and oscillating strings create a multi-layer mechanism, which one is impossible to identify just by glancing from the bird’ s eye view meant for us- poor- humans, depriving us that way of at least six (or maybe more) effective dimensions presumingly present.

Would it really make any difference to the well-known circle of life, though? How could that notion present us with a different self-consciousness?

Let’s pretend we are a caterpillar.

Would the above mentioned theory lead to a body transformation different from the ones which form a common butterfly? No.

But we are only seeing what is there for us to see. Maybe butterflies don’t die in means of losing all essence there is to them. Maybe they are not “born” as well.
How can there be a beginning to life if there is no beginning to the universe itself.

Life cycle is meant always as a circle. But what is the extent of its perimeter. We may just not see the entire length of it, especially after a U-turn point pushing the butterfly out of the limitations of our dimensions and onto the surface of another brane.  

That would mean life cracks a hole through and towards the opposite brane, marking a whole new path. And then, it is seen only from another spectator enjoying his three-dimensional bird’s eye view, standing upon the surface of our neighboring brane.

So maybe the end of the so-called life is just the universal limit of our three-dimensional perception.

"In loving memory of our father"
The Butterflies' Examples
A tiny flying creature beating its wings somewhere in South America still affecting the weather at Central Park, NY.

In case there is truly some kind of worldwide invisible balance among things, wouldn’t it be great if every single act of kindness followed that rule, spreading around as a massive flood of cleansing water to bring humanity altogether by watering the barren tree of unselfish love. A domino of positive thinking carving the passage for all mankind, would be a great start to begin with.

Butterflies work more miracles than people, actually. Especially Monarch butterflies are said to migrate in a gigantic cluster that forms the shape of a huge butterfly, it seems like this attitude is triggered by their instinct of survival and preservation. Some might say it partially resembles to fish, as they too gather in huge formations to scare their hungry hunters away. If fish and butterflies unite for safety in numbers, surely humans have the same ability; but instead we divide ourselves into myriad groups that take precedence over our humanity. We need to relearn that in order to survive we have a far better chance if we are united as one and never detach from our species’ identity.  

Butterflies enter, just like Persephone, their temporary, seemingly mortuary underworld, covering themselves into their cocoon only to evolve to their next best potential.  If we want to reach their final state we also have to learn how to dive into our own mind cocoon to get rid of an old caterpillar-self towards the need of a soul transformation. Death to the old self-the worn out-the incomplete-the crawling one-is always the key. In order to move forward in flying colors, one must rejoice in the permanent ending of all negativity built within oneself, year after year, fight after fight, war after war.

Our kind is thirsty for power and independence but we are still close to nothing if we don’t prove consistent. If we don’t try to unite as one worldwide solid body curing our fatal “diseases”. Beauty -or success- of the individual won’t secure the long-term existence of our species.

Mediums used: graphite pencils, colored pencils
Original size approx. 64,5x50cm
20170417 113229 by ritakomi
This is a detail from the piece I am preparing and been wanting to share it with all my friends. Lately I had to work mainly on my SPLIT SHATTERED entry, so I guess I was put a little bit behind, time-wise. It's nice to be able to concentrate once again to what you want to express through art.
Having mentioned that, I feel like reminding to all those who participated "it doesn't matter if you are good or not, it doesn't matter if someone else does it better. It's only best when you have felt it".
Hope that you like the whole piece when it will be finished!
P.S. there's more to it actually, do keep track :)
I'd like to thank each one of you for the warm "welcome back"  after a period where different and multiple obligations took the best part of me and threw it far away from DA.
It was rather unpleasant not to be able to keep in a touch with you my friends for quite a while, but nowadays I am optimistic that I ll be getting more and more chances to respond in reasonable time to each communication and comment.
For anyone also interested I keep track of things also via my fb page, where you can also join in and share your thoughts and feelings.

Visit my fb page


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